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Friday, February 3, 2023
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Pakistan mosque bomber was disguised as a policeman

The suicide bomber who targeted a mosque inside a police compound in Peshawar, killing more than 80 people, was a member of the Pakistani...

US to get expanded military base access in the Philippines

The US military will gain access to four more bases in the Philippines under an agreement announced as US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin visited...

Australia’s new $5 note won’t feature King Charles

Australia's new $5 banknote will not feature Britain's King Charles III, but rather a new design that honors "the culture and history of the...

Israel targets Gaza with airstrikes after intercepting rocket attack

Israel carried out airstrikes in Gaza early on Thursday after intercepting a rocket attack from the coastal enclave, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said.

US imposes visa restrictions on Taliban members involved in repression of women and girls

The United States is imposing new visa restrictions on certain current and former Taliban members, non-state security group members and others who are believed...

Netanyahu outlines vision for two-state solution — without Palestinian sovereignty

A shocking 48 hours of violence -- bloody even by the standards of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict -- followed immediately by a fortunately timed flying...

Pope Francis attracts more than one million worshippers to DRC Mass

More than one million people attended Pope Francis' Mass in Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Wednesday, the Vatican Press Office said,...

‘Mom, please just kill me’: A world looks away from Myanmar’s descent into horror

Content warning: This story contains descriptions of violence against children and images viewers may find disturbing.

‘It’s all empty promises’: Palestinians feel betrayed by US, warn there’s only so much they can bear

Abu A'asem brews pot after pot of his specialty Arabic coffee, despite the pouring rain. His corner stand at the heart of Ramallah is...

Britain hit by biggest day of strikes in a decade as pay disputes escalate

As many as half a million workers will strike across Britain on Wednesday, closing schools, canceling university lectures and bringing most of the rail...

Latest news

Pope Francis arrives in South Sudan in historic trip

Pope Francis arrived in Juba, South Sudan on Friday fulfilling a long-time wish to visit the war-ravaged country, currently in the midst of a...

Man pleads guilty to threatening to kill Queen Elizabeth II in 2021

A British man has pleaded guilty to threatening to assassinate the late Queen Elizabeth II on Christmas Day 2021, police have said.

A first generation iPhone going up for auction hopes to fetch $50,000

An unopened first-generation iPhone from 2007 is hitting the auction block Thursday -- with an estimated value of $50,000.

Why a tiny American firm is taking aim at an Indian conglomerate

Asia's richest man is in the crosshairs of a research firm whose very name evokes panic.

‘It turned bad in an instant’: CNN crew has close call in Ukraine as Russian missiles pummel their location

CNN correspondent Frederik Pleitgen and his team were traveling on Thursday to the Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk to report on the search and rescue...
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