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Friday, June 2, 2023

‘Nuts’ Jason Kenney calls Ottawa’s greenhouse gas targets: Fight is on

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EDMONTON – Alberta Premier Jason Kenney fuming over Ottawa’s federal emissions plan that was tabled in the House of Commons and calls it “nuts,” and promises with everything he is got.

The federal government announced that the country’s oilpatch has the ability to reduce greenhouse has emissions by 42 per cent. The premier further told in his weekly phone-in radio show on that advised plan would require a sort of production cut, which would only shift the energy production from Canada to places such as “Putin’s Russia and the OPEC dictatorships.”


Above tweet Jason Kenney self-deprecating meme with two photos – the first option with the caption “Instagram” where is appears confident as he filled his tank, and the second captioned “Vs Reality” showing the true struggle at the pump.

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