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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

The collapse of the real estate company “Epic Alliance” leaves 500 homes affected and at least $10 million from investors missing

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At the end of January, the Epic Alliance group of companies closed its operations nationwide, after one of the founders, Rochelle Laflamme, announced on January 19, 2022, via a Zoom call that the real estate company had collapsed, becoming completely bankrupt. Before the bankruptcy, according to information provided by its funders, the company controlled 504 properties in the Saskatoon and North Battleford regions, collectively valued at $126 million.

The news of Epic Alliance’s bankruptcy significantly impacted the entire real estate and business industry network, especially its investors and partners who are now wondering about the whereabouts of their invested money. As a result, a judge has launched a special investigation to address the collapse of Epic Alliance, as according to FCAA Saskatchewan “the company was not licensed to sell investments or provide financial advice.”

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